"Our mission: To provide ultra-quality products to our clients; delivered on time by experienced,knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals"

Owen Doyle Provisions With over 26 years of combined experience, OWEN DOYLE PROVISIONS (ODP) operates within 3500 square feet of combined freezer and refrigerated space. By stocking hundreds of gourmet items and partnering with multiple high quality vendors, ODP can meet any provision requirement. Managing Partner, Chef Owen Doyle, and his 26 years of Yachting industry and International Provisioning experience, has created the most sought after personal provisioning company in the industry. His high standards in all things Galley, attention to detail and overall understanding of the challenges Yacht staff face, he can provide clients with unmatched customer service.


"We pride ourselves on sourcing not only the finest foods for our clients but we also provide unmatched insight & knowledge to assist our chefs in any form possible. So no matter if it's budgeted crew provisions, replacement parts for an appliance or a complete galley refit, ODP is synonamous with Honesty, Quality and Service."


ODP offers private food service to many industries, including yachts , private islands and estates worldwide. As an affordable and practical solution to everyday perishable and operating needs, ODP is dedicated to discover, not only the best, but the most practical consumables & tools for you and your staff. Our company motto is: " Master of One not Jack of all" 


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Please email your request to info@odp.co

or simply call us + 1.561.266.9855 or

contact Owen directly at + 1.954.529.5972

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We are located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida nestled conveniently in between the marinas of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Twenty five minutes from our loading docks to your deck, ODP covers the tri-county daily.

Complimentary deliveries with on time service and experienced staff is just a phone call away.


Owen Doyle Provsions, Inc.

1065 SW 15th Avenue

Suite C 7

Delray Beach, FL 33444.


Tel: 561.266.9855

Email: Info@odp.co